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All information or advice provided as part of this web site is intended to be general in nature. Should this site contains information and/or advice that involves potential risks and uncertainties particularly in respect of business directions, you should not rely on it in connection with making any decision. If you do rely on the information and/or advice contained herein to make your decision, the said decision is deemed to be made based solely on your own judgement and Thai Trade Service B.V. (hereinafter referred to as TTS), and their respective directors, officers and employees shall not be responsible or liable for any losses (including loss of profits) or damages(consequential or otherwise) suffered by, any costs or expenses incurred by or any claims or proceedings brought against you directly or indirectly as a result of or arising from your reliance of this site and/or the information contained herein. While KCI tries to ensure with reasonable care that all information provided is up to date, accurate and is correct at the time of inclusion on the web site, KCI and/or their respective directors, officers and employees do not guarantee the accuracy of such information.

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This web site contains materials including but not limited to text, photographs, products, information, data, graphic, audio trademarks and other images and sound which are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property right. TTS, its parent company, its subsidiaries and/ or affiliates own all intellectual property right (including but not limited to trade marks and patents) contained in this site and any selection, co-ordination, arrangement or enhancement of such content :

You may :-

i. access any part of the web site ; and

ii. print off one copy of any or all of the pages

You undertake that you shall NOT :-

i. copy (whether by putting off onto paper, storing on disk, on downloading or any other way), distribute (including distributing copies).

ii. modify, alter, vary, tamper, publish, transmit, display, deface, broadcast, participate in the transfer of sale, create derivative works, illegally access or in any way exploit the intellectual property rights contained in this site or any part of it.

iii. remove any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property notices contained in the original material from any material copied or printed off from the web site.

iv. Link this web site without express prior written consent from TTS. In the event of any permitted copying, redistribution or publication of material from the site, no changes in or deletion of trademark, legend, copyright notice and author attribution shall be made.

You futher undertake that you shall NOT:-

i. reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover any source code, sell design, sub license, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any rights or materials used in the construction and maintenance of this site.

ii. to impersonate any person or entity including but not limited to TTS officer or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent our affiliation with a person or entity.

iii. to upload, post e-mail or otherwise transmit any material that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, defaming, libelous, obscene or materials that otherwise objectionable materials that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other propriety rights and/ or materials that contains software viruses.


TTS  may change the terms and conditions and disclaimer set out above from time to time. By browsing this web you are accepting that you are bound by the current terms and conditions and disclaimer and so you should check these each time you visit the site.


i. TTS may change the format and content of this web site at any time.

ii. TTS reverse the right to terminate access to this web site at any time and without notice.

iii. TTS may suspend the operation of this web site for support or maintenance work, in order to update the content or for any other reason.


You hereby agree to comply with Dutch Law and all rules and regulations relevant thereto and hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Dutch Courts, the terms and conditions contained herein or any dispute arising in relation to the web site are governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch Law.

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     Nutzungsbedingungen, Haftungsausschluss und Copyright:
    Die Thai Trade Service B.V. prüft die Informationen auf ihren Webseiten sehr sorgfältig und aktualisiert diese regelmäßig. Trotzdem kann sie keine Garantie oder Haftung dafür übernehmen, dass die von ihr oder von ihr beauftragten Dienstleistern bereitgestellten Informationen vollständig, richtig und in jedem Fall aktuell sind.

    Alle Informationen dienen ausschließlich zur Information der Besucher des Online-Angebotes. Für Internetseiten Dritter, auf die die Thai Trade Service B.V. in diesem Internet-Auftritt durch Hyperlink verweist, tragen die jeweiligen Anbieter die Verantwortung.
    Inhalt, Struktur und Layout der -Webseiten sind urheberrechtlich geschützt. Die Vervielfältigung von Informationen oder Daten, insbesondere die Verwendung von Texten, Textteilen oder Bildmaterial, bedarf der vorherigen Zustimmung der Thai Trade Service B.V.. Eine Verlinkung auf die ist zulässig, wenn für den Internet-Nutzer erkennbar ist, dass er auf wechselt.
    Die auf den Web-Seiten der Thai Trade Service B.V. veröffentlichten Informationen beziehen sich auf die, in der Niederlande (EU) geltenden, juristischen Bestimmungen. Sie sind daher für Benutzer aus Ländern außerhalb der Niederlande nicht notwendigerweise zutreffend.


    Die Thai Trade Service B.V. beachtet die Vorschriften des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes und des Multimediagesetzes. Personenbezogene Daten von Benutzern werden nur erhoben, verarbeitet und gespeichert, soweit dies im Rahmen der in Anspruch genommenen Service-Leistungen der Thai Trade Service B.V. erforderlich ist.
    Die Auswertung von Zugriffsstatistiken, die über die Nutzungsfrequenz bestimmter Angebote auf den Web-Seiten von  Auskunft geben, erfolgt in anonymisierter Form.

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