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         Vegetables in brine in can or jar

                 a) bamboo shoots

                 b) baby corn

                 c) sweet corn

                 d) corn-on-cob

                 e) Green Beans

                 f ) mixed vegetables

                 g) Mushrooms

                 h) Salad mixes


         Sauces, chili, soya or fruit based

                  Fruit & Chili dip sauces

                  Soya based cooking  and dip sauces

                  Cooking and Stirr-fry sauces

                  Chili peppers based sauces

                  Fruit dessert sauce


         Curry Pastes & Condiments

                  Curry pastes

                           Greed curry

                           Red curry



                  Boemboe's ( = Indonesian style spices mixes )

                           Boemboe ajam pedis  ( spices mix for hot chicken meat)

                           Boemboe bami goreng ( spices mix for fried noodles)

                           Boemboe nasi goreng  ( spices mix for fried rice)

                           Boemboe rending ( spices mix for pork meat)


                           Seroendeng ( peanut-desiccated coconut – spices mix)

                           Fried onion chips

                           Sate-sauce ( peanut –spices sauce)

                  Sambal oelek ( = Indonesian style grinded red chili paste + spices


         Fruits in syrup in can or jar        

                  aloe vera pieces                                    

                  coconut meat in syrup                          

                  dragon fruit

                  guava pieces                                         




                  mango slices


                  papaya pieces 

                  rambutan ( stuffed with pineapple)                             

                  toddy palm

        Coconut products

                  Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream:

                  Spray dried coconut cream powder ( 50% and 60% fat level ):

                  Creamed coconut (in blocks):

                  Desiccated coconut ( copra) low and high fat level:

                  Coconut flour:

                  Virgin Coconut oil:


         Instant Noodles / Soup Cups      


         Beverages & Drinks in can or bottle

                  Tropical fruit juice:

                           Lychee drink

                           Mixed Fruit drink

                           Mango drink

                           Guava drink

                           Pomepranate drink

                           Mangosteen drink  24 x 310 ml alu can


                  Coconut based drinks 

                           Young coconut drink with fruit pulp

                           Coconut water

                           Coconut (milky) drink

                           Banana colada mix

                           Pina Colada mix


         Rice vermicelli and Wheat noodles

                           Rice vermicelli (Mihun):

                           Rice sticks

                           Wheat noodles

                           Glass noodles ( Lonkou vermicelli )

                           Buckweat noodles

                           Udon noodles

                  Chips & Snacks

                           Banana chips

                           Kroepoek ( prawn crackers )

                  ready-to-cook packs

                  canned seafood

                  vegetable oils

Food Knowledge

EU Food Law

                EU Food Legislation

                EU General Food Law 178-2002

                EU buyer requirement: Traceability of food


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